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Date Posted:2019-05-14 08:14:55Copy HTML

Welcome to your new forum at Aimoo! It is a pleasure to offer you the most convenient Online Forum. It comprises Image Hosting, Flash-based Chat Room, Private Message System and easy-to-use Blog as well as other popular functions.

Our high security hosting means you don't need to worry about your data which is backed up for safety. Your profile information will be protected under the strict privacy confidentiality agreement. In a few simple steps, you may make your Profile invisible to others.

Forums are set so that non-members can view your forum but cannot post. It is important that you set your Forum Permissions the way you want them, particularly if you do not want non-members to be able to view. To learn how to set your Permissions, please see the Tutorial on the Help Forum.

It is important that you do not allow Anonymous and non-Members to post. Otherwise you are will be taking the risk of being spammed by unsavoury posts and your forum could be reported.

No doubt you will love Aimoo but you still may think something needs to be improved. To enhance our service, we would like to hear your comments and suggestions. On our Help Forum we have a Wish List.

If you encounter any difficulties or require assistance with anything, please visit the Aimoo Help Forum.

You may also Send a PM addressed to administrator or an email addressed to We are always here to help you.

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